Cantobox® Showcases

A selection of awesome Cantobox® packaging projects

Cantobox® gift box with new Porsche
Special gift for the car keys of your new car

    The moment you pick up your new car is a unique ever lasting memory. To make this moment even more special, Porsche gives its customers the car keys in an exclusive Cantobox package.

Cantobox® gift for new members in business club
Luxury gift for introduction members in business network

    A Cantobox is extremely suitable as packaging for an exclusive promotional gift such as a luxury wallet, watch or piece of jewelry. Perfect for introducing a new member into a business club, association or business network. A luxury Cantobox welcome gift immediately gives someone a special personal feeling of appreciation.

Cantobox® for promotion of luxury cigar brand
Launch of new brand in the tobacco industry

    When a cigar is introduced to the exclusive market, presentation and packaging are a hot item! With its smooth lines a Cantobox adds  a luxury appearance to this tobacco product, resulting in an even larger WOW factor.

Cantobox® Star Wars limited edition book packaging
Collectors item for Starwars fans

    The biggest Starwars fans collect everything, but the limited edition of this Starwars compilation book is a real collector’s item. This book remains in every bookcase with a luxury Cantobox book packaging!

Cantobox® shoe box for exclusive brand
Unique packaging for luxury fashion brands

    Shoes, clothing and accessories in the exclusive fashion segment are an important part of the outfit for many women and men. Appearance and identity play an important role. Therefore a special buying experience for these customers is essential, and the luxury Cantobox packaging is a musthave.

Cantobox® presentation package for your proposition
Professional presentation of your proposal, product brochure or tender

    With a professional presentation for your product, project or service you make the difference for your customer. Together with the right offer, the Cantobox packaging ensures extra customer confidence in your company or organization. Already successfully applied in the construction sector and decoration industry for residential interiors.

Cantobox® for the launch of the Beauty Pearl supplement
Exclusive sustainable packaging for cosmetics

    Together with Beauty Pearl, a Cantobox has been developed with an open side and interior. The top of the box has UV varnish. In combination with many special types of paper, cardboard and breeding, packaging has been created with an absolute ‘WOW’ factor. Cantobox offers unique sustainable packaging options for cosmetic products such as perfume, makeup, soap, shampoo, etc.

Cantobox® beverage packaging for special relations
Popular gift box for exclusive liqueurs and drinks

    With the Cantobox you have a beautiful gift box suitable for your special relations. A Cantobox invites you to taste the best wine, champagne, whiskey, port, vodka, etc.

Cantobox® promotional campaign Xeikon Printmedia
Demonstration of luxury packaging and digital printwork

    Together With Xeikon a Cantobox has been created to promote packaging possibilities with high-quality printwork through the digital printing presses of Xeikon. The results are impressive!

Cantobox® limited edition Super Bunnywars
Unique luxury edition of board game as a special gift for relations

    A nice promotional gift is to publish a board game yourself or offer a customized version to your relations. A unique game is very special, but with a Cantobox package you can make a limited edition even more special!

Cantobox® welcome gift Van der Valk hotels
Exclusive gift with skin care products for hotel guests

    Van der Valk is a household name in the hotel and travel industry in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and beyond. Special attention to her guests is very important! With a welcome gift with exclusive skin care products, Van der Valk provides a unique customer experience, naturally with a Cantobox packaging!

Cantobox® luxury book packaging for Bond High Performance 3D
Gift box with unique book edition for relations

    Bond High Performance 3D is an authority in 3D printing. The publication of a book about the company with high-quality technological products and services also includes the same tight Cantobox packaging. The end result is beautiful.

Cantobox® introduction VX 690 by Adyen
Launch of new payment terminal

    Adyen is a major international player when it comes to processing pin and credit card payments via mobile payment terminals. The introduction of payment terminal VX 690 is offered with a Cantobox package.

Cantobox® promotional gift HEMA 90th year anniversary
Gift wrapping on the occasion of 90 years of existence

    Hema also chose for the Cantobox as a luxury packaging box for an unique gift to celebrate its 90th anniversary. HEMA is a large retailer with more than 750 stores in eight countries in Europe.

Cantobox® luxury sock packaging Alfredo Gonzales
Alfredo Gonzales socks are presented in an exclusive manner

    Alfredo Gonzales ordered a beautiful Cantobox packaging for her sock products. Alfredo Gonzales is the first lifestyle sock brand in the world. The comfortable and colorful socks for men add something extra to clothing and fashion styles.

Cantobox® packaging business cards Coers & Roest
Business cards presented in luxury storage box with logo

    For the luxurious presentation of its business cards, Coers & Roest ordered Cantobox packaging with thumb grips. Coers & Roest is a high end graphic production company and manufactures a wide variety of printwork. She is also specialized in lithography of visual material and special book productions.

Cantobox® packaging sample kit Archilumo
Sample box “Archilumo Compose” for the demonstration of a luxury lighting solution

    Archilumo delivers exclusive light panels in various shapes with “frameless” design for wall or ceiling that you can put together art to your own liking. This Cantobox luxury sample pack has 2 drawers with a foam interior, cover and magnetic closure.

Cantobox® housing project “VIERSLAG ZUID”
Luxury presentation packaging for construction brochure Vierslag Zuid in Westeraam

    Present your building brochures for real estate projects in a professional manner with a Cantobox packaging for all potential buyers, project developers, tenders, construction companies, contractors and real estate agents.